Thursday, October 19, 2006

An Apple eating virus and lots more in the making.

I, recently read that a small proportion of Apple's Video iPods sold recently were infected with a computer virus that targets Windows PCs. Even though it is said that a few users have suffered as a result of it I think there could be more who just hasn't found it out yet.Apple says 1% of Video iPods sold after 12 September 2006 were infected with a computer virus known as "RavMonE". W32.Rajump is the name symantec has given to the virus. And it is a worm that opens a back door on the compromised computer and may spread through removable USB drives.

As technology evolves the worms also evolve.The worm is written in the Python scripting language. Talking about python's what comes to my mind is the longest creature is not a snake but a worm. Yes guys and it is a 90-ft long worm..the giant nemertines or ribbon worms. Just thought I would throw that in here just to give us a break from all the worms that eat Apple and sticks to our Windows pc's each day. Apple warns people who may have bought an infected Video iPod to scan their PC and any mass storage devices – such as external hard drives, USB keys and digital cameras – with anti-virus software, as the virus automatically spreads to these types of hardware.

These has happened hot on the heels of the Japanese McDonald's ordeal with MP3players. They were forced to recall more than 10,000 MP3 players given away as prizes, after discovering that they were infected with a piece of spyware known as QQPass. This program records keystrokes and can be used to capture a user's passwords. In Symantec's terms the virus is called W32.Pasobir. The MP3 players were offered as a drink and I think the the japanese folks were glad that the worm was not in the drink.

Another news is that Nokia is considering building antivirus software into its latest batch of multimedia smartphones, fearing that emerging breeds of phone viruses will block users' access to thousands of paid-for music tracks or movies. F-secure and Symantec are teaming up with Nokia to work out the best method of protecting its phones.

I was just checking the symantec site just out of sheer curiosity and saw that already within this month (and it is only the 19th) there has been 24 new viruses that has emerged. That is more than one virus each day. Among that one that caught my eye was the Trojan.Flush.I virus which is a Trojan horse that modifies the DNS server settings on the compromised computer and redirects the browser to potentially malicious Web sites. Look here to see the daily updated virus threats.

Gone are the days when we could relax and listen to an I LOVE YOU (at least it had some pleasing to ears name) virus pop up once in a while. Now we have to update everyday if not every half day and it won't be long before we have to do it every second.