Monday, October 16, 2006

New research says egg yolks are not harmful and Pluto was an egg yolk among planets. Poor Pluto.

Just as we start to believe in something and start to see the world through the eyes of the science we are asked to change that and see it differently again. It has become like our beliefs are basically based on science and we are mere puppets.

Poor Pluto was banished to be the king of dwarf planets. The argument has been going on for years whether Pluto should be a planet. And now some group of people has decided what the whole world should adhere to. T'shirts have already started appearing with slogans "I was alive when Pluto was a planet" and "Back in my days I had nine planets". Science according to me is just an art and technique to communicate to the common man the nuances and intricacies with which the Eternal Scientist up above has already planned the things. Science does not invent anything out of the sky. Everything is just already in this world and science just uncovers it. It is not the begining and end of anything. Just a medium through which we learn things that are already there.

Even before science was born The magician up above has made the world go round and had programmed the sun to rise each day.I am not blaming science but just stating to the people that think science is everything that it is high time they open up their eyes. Yes unfortunately I have met some who thinks like that. I remember the words that someone once said " Our destinies are destined by the whims of the stars, the cosmic roll of the dice, the vagrant breezes of fortune that flows from the windwmills of the God" Where science ends philosophy starts. Don't get me not anti science..I love science and technologies but just that we should never start forgetting The Great Scientist up above. Even the famous inventor Marconi once said "I can tell you how it happens but if you keep asking me why it happens I would have no answers"

Anyways to come back to the story of egg yolk and pluto...

A recent study by Dr. Donald McNamara, professor of nutrition at the University of Arizona in the US has advocated that eggs are vital and safe for heart patients with high blood cholesterol levels. The notable aspect of the study is its finding that
people who ate more than one egg a day had no greater risk of heart disease than those eating less than one egg per week. Eggs are extremely beneficial to the human body. The egg yolk in particular has numerous nutrients like beta carotene, vitamin A, D & E besides minerals such as magnesium, zinc, copper and iodine.

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As far as pluto goes.. I wish I cld listen to Pluto bad mouthing to the fellow dwarf planets about the The International Astronomical Union who decided to strip it off it's planet tag. The guys were first planning to give it a dual citizenship.
This was the article at appeared in 1999 in BBC.
Click here to read what was in store for pluto before it was banished.

To read the story about current status on the poor pluto click here folks.
This is a very interesting article which gives you all the intricacies and techinicalities involved.

Have you read this book?

This section will have the books I recommend. I have not read many books and whenever i read one I try to read something that lets me gather something from it. I read papillion at a time when I was going through some hard phase in life and the character in this book really let me draw some strength out of it. The odds the main character goes through in this book and this being a real story really inspired me. It lets you realise no matter how the odds are stacked against you there is always a way out as long as you keep your inner strength strong. This was made into a movie with Steve Mcqueen and Dustin hoffman in it. But i like the book better as it lets u have a close insight into the mind of the characters and the very wonderfully narrated adventures. It is superbly paced and flows so well that it's almost impossible to find a point where it can be put down

Condemned for a murder he had not committed, Henri Charriere (nicknamed Papillon) was sent to the penal colony of French Guiana. Forty-two days after his arrival he made his first break, travelling a thousand gruelling miles in an open boat. Recaptured, he suffered a solitary confinement and was sent eventually to Devil's Island, a hell-hole of disease and brutality. No one had ever escaped from this notorious prison - no one until Papillon took to the shark infested sea supported only by a makeshift coconut-sack raft. In thirteen years he made nine daring escapes, living through many fantastic adventures while on the run - including a sojourn with South American Indians whose women Papillon found welcomely free of European restraints! "Papillon" is filled with tension, adventure and high excitement. It is also one of the most vivid stories of human endurance ever written. Henri Charriere died in 1973 at the age of 66.

Charriere really became a elebrity after this book and was seen with the likes of Frank Sinatra and all. But an earth quake at the place where he lived robbed him off his wealth and he got some of it back by coming up with the sequel Banco.If you folks are interested you guys can also take a look at the sequel. But I must say that it is not as exciting as Papillion.

My 20 songs for the week

Hi folks,
Hey all you music lovers or addicts or whatever u would like to call yourself, me as a fellow music lover for whom music is an integral part of his life has decided to share with you guys my pick of 20 songs for every week which would be picked up from the songs I listen to each week. It could be newer songs or older songs or a mix of both and could even contain bands you folks have never heard before or heard but not yet had an opportunity to listen to. But hey that is the way people get introduced to newer songs and newer bands and thus give you and insight into them and give you the power to decide the next time you hear them on radio whether to turn the volume down or turn it up instead of smashing the radio and letting it live for another day.

I play the guitar a bit and sing a bit too but mainly music is the cushion that I fall back on no matter what mood am in. I am mainly a rock and pop kinda person Even though I listen to all kinda music am not much into country, rap and death metal kinda stuff. I don’t have anything against it though. So that gives you an idea abt the songs that will appear on my list of favs for the week.

Well without further adieu I am gonna list the top 20 songs among the ones I listened to this week. And remember they are not ranked in any particular order, but they are all my favs. And by the way am not just gonna list the songs but also give my insight. And being a small time poet myself I pay a lotta attention to the lyrics and know how important it is and hence the links to all the lyrics are provided so that you folks are just one click away from them.

1. Genre: Rock Song: Revolve Band: 30 seconds to Mars Lyrics: click here
This is one of the newer bands I really dig with some wonderful range of music and a fine vocalist and guitarist in the Jared Leto. I have many fav songs by them but this week am gonna give only two.

2.Genre: Rock Song: Beautiful Lie Band: 30 seconds to mars Lyrics: click here
Yet another great song and fantastic lyrics. Those who haven’t heard this one this is must listen.

3.Genre: Rock Song: Diary of Jane Band: Breaking Benjamin Lyrics: click here

The two main guys in this band Fink and Klepaski left an already signed band called Lifer to pursue their own career and how well they have been rewarded for sticking onto that decision to form the band with Burley. Singer and lyricist Burnley rocks. His voice is so powerful and this song I can listen to any number of times without even realizing the time passing by. The arrangements are simply too cool.

4.Genre: Rock Song: Broken like an angel Band: Cross fade Lyrics: click here

Yet another new generation band that I really dig. Almost all of their songs are wonderful. This is from their latest album Invincible and this song is so beautiful that and sounds a bit different from their other famous songs like colors.
Nice guitaring and nice arrangements and the singer does a really emotional stuff. Dig the lyrics too. This quartet with singer, guitarist Ed Sloan is simply amazing.

5.Genre: Pop Song:Key to my heart Singer: Craig David Lyrics: click here

This UK based singer was even had life threatening calls saying someone would kill him while he was on a concert. And he had a long struggle to get recognition but he sailed through all that turbulence and now has established himself internationally. This song is even though does not fall into rock category I like it coz of the soothing music and the vocal range of this guy.

6.Genre: Rock Song: One thing Band: Finger Eleven Lyrics: click here

Well something about this song makes me identify myself with this song. No wonder this is my current profile song lol. I first heard them when they did the theme song for the WWE star Kayne. This Canadian band won a rock band search contest on local radio and used the prize money to record their first album, Letters From Chutney. Now they have come a long way with many hits under their belt.

7.Genre: Rock Song: Good times Band: Finger Eleven lyrics: click here

More fast song this time by the same band.

8.Genre: Rock Song:Hinder Song: Shoulda Lyrics: click here

What can I say about Hinder? Not a single song I have listened to them has been bad. Lips of an angel and Get stoned are more famous songs by em but this one stands right there. This band started by opening for bands like Theory of a Dead man(which is yet another band I like a lot. Even though they sound like nickelback they are unique in their own way) and now they are right their on top of the musical scene. The lyrics of this song reminds me something almost all of us do identify with.

9.Genre: Song:Everbody’s changing Band: Keane lyrics : click here

I haven’t listened much to Keane. But as soon as I heard this song something inside me moved. I guess it was mainly the lyrics. When I look around it is true that everybody’s changing. Good music too. Not the usual kind of music I listen to but still.

10. Genre: Rock Song: Blue on black Band: Kenny wayne Shepherd Band Lyrics: click here
I listened to this song first when one of my friends played this one online for me. First instance itself I knew I love this song. Kenny started playing guitar at the early age of seven. At age 13, he was invited onstage by New Orleans bluesman Brian Lee and held his own for several hours.And that itself proves his he was made for music.

11.Genre: Rock Song: Blind Band: Life house Lyrics: click here

Even though they sound like Creed , Staind and sounds to be in the similar mould they are so unique in their own way. This is another band whom I really dig a lot with most of their songs unique.

12.Genre: Rock Song: Pictures of you Band: Lit Lyrics:click here

This is the cover of the song originally sung by The Cure. Nice song. Listen to it folks.

13.Genre: Rock Song: Dance with you Band: Live Lyrics: click here

Most of you must have heard their song Dolphin’s cry and Lightening crashes. I love those songs but this week I was listening to this particular song by them and even though it is a slow song it really moved me. They started as a threesome but after losing an area talent contest, they decided to enlist singer Ed Kowalczyk, and man what a wonderful decision that was as they never looked back after that. Ed’s voice is so unique and pleasant.

14.Genre: Alternative Rock Song: A town called hypocrisy Band: Lost Prophets Lyrics: click here
The lyrics and the singing is cool. May be coz my heart has been broken too I can identify with this song lol. Sometimes it is hard to identify why u particularly like a song. It is the whole things and hard to explain. There are other songs too I like by em which would appear in my list next time.

15.Genre: Rock Song: Rock is Dead Band: Marilyn Manson Lyrics:click here

Great beat. Unique Manson style.

16.Genre: Rock/Alternative Song: Roulette Dares Band: The Mars Volta Lyrics:click here

Singing in a mixture of Spanish and English this band rocks. For those who haven’t yet listened to them I truly recommend to at least listen and let me know what you think of this band.

17.Genre :Rock/Alternative Song:Hysteria Band: Muse Lyrics:click here

The English rock trio Muse consists of guitarist/vocalist Matthew Bellamy, bassist Chris Wolstenholme, and drummer Dominic Howard. Nice bass punch on this song with nice drumming and guitaring too. Should listen to this.

18.Genre:Alternative Song:On the Radio Band/Singer : Regina Spektor Lyrics:click here

Regina voice is just wow. She sings fantastically. Even if everyone won’t dig this kind of music it is definitely always good to expand your musical horizon and I know you would love her style of singing.

19.Genre: Rock Song: Never Gonna Stop Band: Rob Zombie Lyrics:click here

What a wonderful arrangement. This song will definitely rock you. Even though I don’t like all of their songs I love this one for the punch it brings.

20. Genre: Rock/pop Song: Supreme Band/Singer: Robbie Williams Lyrics:click here

From Take That to going solo, this singer has proved he is unstoppable. His vocal range has been proved already in songs like Angels and better man. This song has a good beat and nice violin arrangements in the background bringing the extra feel to it. Nice rhythm.

Listen to them so you will get a taste of what kind of music I recommend and if u like em let me have ur feed back and give me ur suggestions and ideas. Healthy criticisms are always welcome. Rock on Folks.