Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Download videos from youtube and other online video sources.

We all have found it to be frustrating to go back everytime to the same site incase we want to see the same video again. Most of us would prefer the luxury of watching the video at our own pace and time and also it is frustrating Or may be if one of ur friends drop in at home or you wanna show your family members some videos that you watched it is frustrating to go back to the same site again and again to watch it. So, wouldn't it be nice if we can just download the video which would ensure that we have the luxury of watching it whenever we want to when we get the time to instead of going online everytime for that purpose? Well javimoya is a site that helps you do just that.

Go to javimoya and just copy and paste your video link on the download box in the javimoya site and also pick the site you want to download from by clicking on the scroll menu where it is written " any site" and then click download. It will take you to a page where you see the dowload button and just follow the instructions. Also when you click on the "anysite" option you will see a number of other sites that offers online video and that way you can check out those sites too. The site also offers utilities to record streaming video or to convert video files into other formats. And a free FLV player. So check out those too.

The online sites uses flash for the videos to play and whenever you download it it is downloaded in FLV format. So you need a player that supports just that. VLC player would let you do just that. It not only supports flv format but many other formats including mpeg avi etc:- It even comes with some cool features like slow motion. I like the features it offer.