Friday, October 20, 2006

Cool tech products for today.

Nokia N95
With support for high-speed mobile networks, a 2-way slide concept, integrated GPS functionality and a 5 megapixel camera, the Nokia N95 truly offers an all-in-one multimedia experience. Designed for High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA)
networks and with support for WLAN, EDGE and WCDMA, the Nokia N95 provides excellent coverage and speeds. (HSDPA) is a mobile telephony protocol,allowing for higher data transfer speeds.

The Nokia N95 also includes integrated GPS and the Maps application offering country, region and world maps. Users can find specific routes or locate services such as restaurants and hotels in more than 15 million points of interest in over 100 countries. It also has 3D graphics and 3D stereo. There are many more features this cool gadget offers. You can read more about it at the nokia's website. I found out from other sources on the net that N95 will be available in Q1 2007 and the approximate unsubsidised price is 550 Euros. Initially it will be available in the EMEA market.

To read about HSDPA go here.

A great free tool to detect spywares

I took notice of this product back when it was launched some years back. I started using it for my personal computer even before this tool was metioned in BBC's click online. It has really come a long way. Well the product am talking about is the Spybot search and destroy. It is a really powerful tool when it comes to finding out spywares/adwares. And it has come a really long way with lot of new features being added over the years. Even PC magazine and the likes have given it the editor's choice award, And what more the guy, Patrick D Kolla has kept it free still. Personally for me it has rescued me from a lot of spywares over the years. Hats off to people like him who spends a lotta time researching and coding and still all he asks for is for you to donate if you like to. These kind of people are what we call the humanitarians of the internet world.

To download this product go to safer-networking You will find other tools too in the download page. The one you are looking for is Spybot - Search & Destroy. Once you dowload it click on the searh for update button and get the latest updates.When i started using it some years back it did not have an update button and you had to go the site each time to update.But now they have the update button within the product.

You can always create backups for the progs detected as spywares before you block them so that incase one of your prog does not start functioning you can always hit the recovery button and get it back incase you deleted some file by accident. Also on the left hand menu you will see the immunization bar and when you click on it and get to the immunization page click on the green cross to immunize against known bad products. As of today they have immunization against 13148 products and they are always updating it. Also in the immunization area you can check on the permanent opera immunity and permanent blocking of bad products for Internet explorer. But sometimes when you check on the internet explorer thing it can
give some issues with some sites when you use explorer. But you can always uncheck it. That is just the immunization part.

And as of today when i checked there are about 44000 products in their database for scanning bad products in your pc. If you are an advanced user you can click on the "mode" which is right on top and choose "advanced". You will also find other interesting tools in the site like reg analyzer, file analyzer and net analyzer.

If u need a full tutorial on using the product you can can find it here.

So get going guys and try out this free tool which i think is cool. And remember to update constantly..not just the product but yourself too.