Saturday, December 16, 2006

Flaw in Symantec's Antivirus being exploited.

News is out that a flaw in the Symantec ANtivirus software for corporates is being exploited by attackers since thursday. The flaw is seven months old and was first detected by Eeye and Symantec had already issued a patch for this. But many of the users have not patched the system.

Also, it seems that many of the users are using counterfeit version of the Symantec software without knowing about it. This can be supported with the fact that it was only recently that Symantec filed a lawsuit against a piracy ring that has been selling counterfeit versions of Symantec's software since the past three years.

The worm is dubbed Big Yellow and the machines infected with this worm allows the attacker to connect with other computers for malicious attacks.

No significant outbreaks have been reported so far. Symantec has so far received three reports of systems infected with this worm.

It was not long back when another Antivirus maker Panda was reported to be having some major security flaws. And now it is seems to be Symantec's turn to be in the news for the wrong reasons. But having said that it is not entirely Symantec's fault as they had issued a patch way back in the month of May.