Thursday, May 29, 2008

Printer that receives Emails without computer or Internet

This amazing technology is brought to you by the Presto Printing Mail Box. With this you don't even need a computer or Internet to receive not just emails but attachments too, such as pictures etc., from your friends or dear ones. And this printer will print them out automatically so that you can read them or view the pictures in the good old fashion on a piece of paper and even file it up without even having the fear of a hard drive crash or Virus.

All you have to do is plug in the AC plug and a telephone line. No new telephone service is needed. No internet service is required. This comes at a price of 150 dollars and you need to go for an annual subscription for setting up an account by calling up Presto for the meager amount of 99 dollars/annum.

The best thing is that it will have no spam mails since you set up the account by setting up the account by choosing what e-mail addresses can send mail to the mailbox. Presto will give the receiver an email address and the sender can use this to send pictures or letters to the printer.

But yes, unfortunately there is no way you can send a video attachment or one can reply using this machine. But oh well does this is a printer which is not just any other printer one can just marvel at all the positives this can bring. And this is only the beginning of what is in store, technology wise.

Kudos to those who mold the technology to suit and enhance the life of common men.