Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fire fox version 2 . Tweak it up baby with this guide.

This is a must read for all those firefox fans out there. As you all know fire fox just recently released its version 2 (if you did not know it is high time you get out from under that rock). I just came across this tweaking guide for the browser written by Koroush Ghazi. It is a very well laid out guide. As he calls it it's a true objective TweakGuides tweak guide, and not a gushing ad for a free web browser.

I am was so happy when firefox released it latest version and now I guess with this guide we already have something to play around with the new browser toy for the big boys. Since he has a big intro and all I suggest you start reading from page 6 onwards because the basic tips and tweaks starts from there and the advanced tweaking part starts from page 8.

Digg it or you can go directly to the guide here.