Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A movie I liked.

Pay it forward (2000 release) that touches humanity through the deeds of a kid. Even though the ending is sad it let us learn a lot. Pay it forward could be our motto in life. If everyone pay it forward at least a bit it can only get better. HayleyOsment ( of sixth sense fame) as the kid, really touches the audience with his stellar performance. Combine that with Kevin spacey and Helen Hunt's expressive and emotional acting and the unique theme the movie has and you have a movie that givesyou something to think about. It is not a fun movie so watch it only when you are in a mood to think.

It all starts when a Class teacher (Kevin Spacey) challenges his Seventh grade class to come up with an assignment to change the world. Trevor, the student (Haley Osment) comes up with the pay-it-forward concept and first decides to help a homeless heroin addict get back on his feet, then help his own mother and the class teacher get together and then help his friend who's being pushed around by bullies in school. This "movement" spreads relatively unnoticed until a reporter in Los Angeles who loses his car is handed a brand new Jaguar and tracks down the source of this favour chain. It is not as simple as it sounds but when you watch it it will start building on you.

Oh by the way Jon bon Jovi makes a special appearence in this movie as the abusive ex of Helen hunt. Helent Hunt as the single mom trying to make ends meet has given a really superb performance. I mean each of the main characters in this movie has a story of their own and each one of them won't let you down with their performance.