Monday, October 16, 2006

New research says egg yolks are not harmful and Pluto was an egg yolk among planets. Poor Pluto.

Just as we start to believe in something and start to see the world through the eyes of the science we are asked to change that and see it differently again. It has become like our beliefs are basically based on science and we are mere puppets.

Poor Pluto was banished to be the king of dwarf planets. The argument has been going on for years whether Pluto should be a planet. And now some group of people has decided what the whole world should adhere to. T'shirts have already started appearing with slogans "I was alive when Pluto was a planet" and "Back in my days I had nine planets". Science according to me is just an art and technique to communicate to the common man the nuances and intricacies with which the Eternal Scientist up above has already planned the things. Science does not invent anything out of the sky. Everything is just already in this world and science just uncovers it. It is not the begining and end of anything. Just a medium through which we learn things that are already there.

Even before science was born The magician up above has made the world go round and had programmed the sun to rise each day.I am not blaming science but just stating to the people that think science is everything that it is high time they open up their eyes. Yes unfortunately I have met some who thinks like that. I remember the words that someone once said " Our destinies are destined by the whims of the stars, the cosmic roll of the dice, the vagrant breezes of fortune that flows from the windwmills of the God" Where science ends philosophy starts. Don't get me not anti science..I love science and technologies but just that we should never start forgetting The Great Scientist up above. Even the famous inventor Marconi once said "I can tell you how it happens but if you keep asking me why it happens I would have no answers"

Anyways to come back to the story of egg yolk and pluto...

A recent study by Dr. Donald McNamara, professor of nutrition at the University of Arizona in the US has advocated that eggs are vital and safe for heart patients with high blood cholesterol levels. The notable aspect of the study is its finding that
people who ate more than one egg a day had no greater risk of heart disease than those eating less than one egg per week. Eggs are extremely beneficial to the human body. The egg yolk in particular has numerous nutrients like beta carotene, vitamin A, D & E besides minerals such as magnesium, zinc, copper and iodine.

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As far as pluto goes.. I wish I cld listen to Pluto bad mouthing to the fellow dwarf planets about the The International Astronomical Union who decided to strip it off it's planet tag. The guys were first planning to give it a dual citizenship.
This was the article at appeared in 1999 in BBC.
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