Friday, December 29, 2006

Google Notebook--sensitive informations revealed.

As most of you might know Google Notebook is a bookmarking tool which lets users to bookmark a content from a Google search or a webpage by using the extension. Using this you can add clippings of text, images and links from webpages and publish the notebook.

This is a really useful tool to organize your notes and can be accessed from anywhere.

But recently the Google Notebook search has been found to be used by people to search for sensitive informations such as social security numbers and email passwords which has been bookmarked by the Notebook users.

A very recent Techcrunch article written by Michael Arrington points to a Digg post in which among one of the user comments there is a link to some very sensitive personal information such as social security numbers bookmarked by Google Notebook user.

And in one of the other links among the Digg user comments one can see a list of emails and passwords. And Google clearly states that "The content on this page is provided by a Google Notebook user, and Google assumes no responsibility for this content." So naturally if someone's personal information is revealed because they were careless enough to put it out there in the open it is not Google's responsibility.

It seems even after all the phishing and scam attacks that is rampant on the net some users are still living in a land where they are oblivious to all the happenings.