Sunday, October 22, 2006

Four more cool websites I like.

Memepool Not the kind of website you would imagine it to be. No graphics but just simple plain text. But then you go there you don't expect to see graphics but real good information. Yes this site is a treasure house for info addicts. Lots and lots of information on various subjects with hundreds of links taking you to almost anything you want to read about right from in depth info and pictures about the flight 77 that hit pentagon to the man gliding without a glider or wings. One might hardly notice the search and archive links on the links to navigate since they are too small and apparently the owners of the site has put in all their focus on gathering information than designing the site. And they have a done a good job on that part.

Avweb This site would be the perfect landing place for the aviation addicts. Well laid out site which is a premier independent aviation news resource. The news section has columns, features, accident reports and special events. The video section is cool too with a video of the week updates. They have set up a special address for the viewers to recommend videos.

Roadsideamerica The site announces "Your Online Guide to Offbeat Tourist Attractions". And yes it takes you to some offbeat tourist destinations through their well laid out page.This is an interesting place to check
out some cool destinations that one might not have even thought about. There is a tips section provided by the travellers and by and also guys check out the site of the week section where the spotlight a cool tourist site every week and dig the archives if you are interested to see more. There is a whole lot of info there archived since 2002.

Thecookingschool If you ever wondered what was the recipe to make one of your favorite cookies you can find out the recipes for popular foods such as the Chocolate Chip Cookies, McDonald's Shakes, Nabisco Nilla Burger King and a whole lot more here. There is a search facility to take you to the right table where the
recipe for your favorite snack would be served.

Pandora This is a must be place for any music addicts. Created by the music genome project this is an
amazing site where you can create your own personal radio online that will help you listen to all bands that are very similar to your favorite band using the macromedia flash player. What this player offers is not just play the music from the genre of your favorite band but infact it looks for songs and kind of bands that are very similar to your favorite band or songs. To start with just type in the name of your favorite band and the player will look up all bands in the same genre. And you don't have to wait for the song because the skip option immediately takes you to the next song and you can rate the songs or deleted it and thus build a good radio for yourself. You can even email the radio a friend once you created your station. And moreover it gives you the info about the music and why it played that particular song. For that just put your cursor over the label of the song that is playing and choose menu by clicking on the up arrow. And you can always delete the station or create a new one. click on the guide us button on the player if you need to know more.This is more or less like having a personal DJ who instead of talking just concentrates on bringing up the music you want. Now all you gotta do is turn up your speakers and throw the party.

More pixels making money!

Yesterday I had posted an article about the unique ideas and how it has opened up the way to materialize many a dreams through the internet. I got comment a from an anonymous person introducing me to his new website and asking me how I feel about it. His idea is about taking up from where Alex of the has left off. Mr.anonymous ( at least you should have left your name) even though has taken the original idea from Alex has added a twist to it. This time it is the video instead of banner ads.

I went and checked the anonymous person's website. It is called Even though the idea is not unique i feel the approach is. He is selling a million pixels for 10 cents/pixel to slot your videos linked through youtube for promotional purposes. At 10 cents/pixel even though it won't give him a million dollar it would give him $100,000.Already there are two people who have bought 700 pixels. How well it would succeed depends on how uniquely he promotes his site.

And i have no idea as to how many copy cat pixel sites are out there competing. The more it crops up the more it will lead to the public's interest getting weaned. Well this kind of things might get noticed but unique and original concepts are the only thing that is really gonna make one stand out. But on a different note I should say that not every product that in the market was an original idea or invention of one person. And many caught on to that idea or invention with their own unique approach and promtion and branding and have built empires. Everytime we think of a television we don't think of the inventor J.L.Beird. We only think of the brands that have been successful in building up on that product because they, even though it was the invention of one person, have stamped their unique seals on the product by adding their own innovations and marketing techniques to it. But a product is differnt from an idea. Alex marketed his idea and to build around that idea and give it an unique touch is a much more tough call.

Blazing a trail is unique in itself and if you can uniquely follow that trail there is potential in that too. There are perishable and non perishable original concepts you can build around on. so it is always good to choose the non perishable ones to build up on.

I hope that his dream about selling his million pixels with a twist would become a reality soon and wish him luck. I mean i like the way he has approached the pixel selling idea.But I don't think that there will be another millionare emerging out of a million pixels.

What is up next? Selling cells on your body? Talking about it I heard that one girl on ebay is selling a part of her body (probably a visible part) to be tattooed by the highest bidder to promote their product or website.

What's up next?

Right now it seems pixels are getting hotter than a million dollars.