Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Disadvantages of iphone.

After a whole lot of hype the iphone was finally launched but apart from all the hype, when it comes to the practical aspects it seems the iphone has not lived upto it's image. Here is why:

  • The iPhone will not sync to Outlook or allow you to sync with other 3rd party PIM applications.
  • It will not allow you to view or edit Office documents.
  • It may not work as a modem for a MacBook or laptop
  • iphone only responds to skin touch with no fingernail or stylus response.
  • Can only be used with Cingular (maybe for as long as 2 years).
  • It has a closed Mac OS X variant operating system.
  • Has no removable battery.
  • It has no memory expansion slot.
  • iphone has no GPS.
  • Currently the iphone has no voice dialing capability.
  • The 8GB memory can be a bit too limiting and if it has to be a complete multimedia device this kind of memory won't be enough.
  • Since there are no physical keys and only the touch screen feature it can be very limiting for people who are on the go, especially the ones who are driving.
The above information was gathered from Matthew Miller's article he posted at his blog. He also gives a comparison of the iphone with the Nokia N95 and Cingular 8525. It is a very informative reading. I suggest people who are inclined towards shelling out that US$450 read his article and get some insight before making that decision.