Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Blogger related tips and links.

Here are some tips and useful links I gathered from the web which would be helpful to the bloggers who have started using the new Blogger.

1. Christine's Blogger template: This webpage is maintained by Christine. Check this page if you want to have a customizable Blogger template for the new Blogger. Each of the template costs $15.

2.How to upload a banner into the New Blogger: This article will help you to upload a banner into the new Blogger. The method used here is to remove the Header widget by going to Layouts and clicking on "Edit" and then "Remove this page element". But the problem is that many of the users does not have a "Remove this page element" button on the Header's Edit options. But there is way around to get the "Remove this page element" option on your Header's Edit options. To get that what you have to do is:

Go to 'Edit HTML' and look up for this line of text: (between <> brackets)

b:widget id='Header1' locked='true' title='Your Title (Header)' type='Header'/

Then change 'true' to 'false'. Save the template and go to 'Page Elements', now the button 'Remove Page Element' in Header should appear.

The credit for this idea goes to Pinzón Azul.

3.How to remove the Blogger nav. bar from your blog: This post I came across at Betabloggerfordummies will help you to get rid of the Blogger nav. bar from the new Blogger. Please do read about the legal issues before you do it. You can also find a link on that page which lets the bloggers using the old Blogger to get rid of the There are also many other Blogger related articles on this page like:

How to add picture to beta blog header.
How to customize your header.
How to insert banner link to your blog.
How to add banner link in footer.
How to add widget to provide button link to your blog.

I hope these links provided here helps the bloggers to have a cherishable blogging experience.

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