Saturday, May 05, 2007

My Tech related News Picks for Today

Steve Jobs of Apple Tops the list of Highest paid CEOs -- Despite a $1 yearly salary, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs still managed to top Forbes' list of highest paid CEOs for 2006, raking in more than $646 million through stock-based compensation -- more than twice that of the next highest paid boss. Read more here.

World's fastest Jet propelled Toilet-- Now this is something unique. With a top speed in excess of 7o mph this one definitely rocks but the $10,ooo price tag would make one constipated. The article at has some great pics of this unique toilet and a video too. The toilet has been fitted with wheels and it farts fire..literally.

Top 7 things administrators forget to do-- According to this article the 7 things administrators forget to do are 1.
Forgetting to Delete a Former User's Account 2. Forgetting to Regularly Search for Rootkits 3. Forgetting to Use a Trouble Ticket Tracking System 4. Forgetting to Set Up Technical Documentation and Creating a Knowledge Base 5. Forgetting the Risks of Flash Memory Drives 6. Forgetting to Manage Partial Root Access 7. Forgetting Courtesy.
This article is an interesting read and a very informative one for anyone irrespective of whether they hold a network administrator privelege or not.

Fighting the spammers-- This article at BBC's clickonline talks in simple terms how one can fight the spammers.
Spam is a very big problem. "There are billions of e-mails sent every day and 80 - 90% of them are junk." And ofcourse there is no denying of this fact. This needs to be eradicated. But still the spammers stay one step ahead and before we even ready to send out our emails to our friends the spammers would have already sent one to our email address! That is how they operate. The article talks about how to keep away from spam in the lay man's language.

Top 100 Most Influential People in IT, Part 4 -- This is a great slide show at with the pics and related info about the most influential people in IT.At no. 12 it is no surprise to find Blake Ross of FireFox. After all FireFox is on fire. And at no. 1 is..yes you guessed is the duo from Google--Serge Bin and Larry Page.