Sunday, June 01, 2008

Gadget to put your DVDS, CDS, LPs and Cassettes to Ipod etc.

This amazing gadget prized at USD 200 will let you convert all the favorite audio and video you've collected over the years directly to a USB mass storage device such as iPod with the touch of a button.

Every form of audio or video media, yes everything that you can think of, can be put on a iPod or a portable Play Station without using a computer or any software.

Now, this is what it means by bridging the technology generation gap.
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Holy smokes! An Electronic Cigarrette for your lips

Hello smokers! how about a way to eat your cake and keep it too? Yes, there is a way for those smokers who really want to quit smoking and at the same time can't get over the habit of dragging in that hazardous smoke. Well thanks to the Gamucci Micro Electronic Cigarette, now all of you smokers can have your way.

They claim that it tastes like a cigarette. Since I never tried it, I am not sure. But if tastes like one and is absolutely free of all the negative effects that a tobacco brings then I would definitely give it a try.
"No flame, no tobacco, no carcinogens, and unaffected by the smoking ban" is what the makers claim.

To give the smokers a real feeling simulated smoke is emitted as you exhale. This is only vapour and evaporates in seconds.
This is made possible because of a state of the art micro-electronic technology (they don't say exactly what it is) and a tiny battery vapourises liquid inside the cigarette producing smoke. By inserting cartridges that releases nicotine one can get the real feeling or one can choose to skip the nicotine altogether and just puff away on what is virtually nothing.

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