Friday, April 10, 2009

Make money online (internet) selling photos

What a wonderful world the Internet has evolved into. Among all the scams and spams there are still numerous ways one with creative skills and positivity can make money as long as you can stamp your uniqueness into it. Last time I talked about how to make money by taking surveys on legitimate sites. Today, let us look at how to turn your creative photography skills into the most valuable piece of paper in the world..currency or money!

There are numerous sites online (Internet) where you can put your photos for sale and earn a royalty (money) every time it is downloaded by a client. istock photography is the most prominent in this field and they are the icons in this area. As far as my understanding goes they pay you 20% to 40% royalty fees. One thing to be noted is that some photos can be downloaded by more than one client. This means that one good photo could earn you royalties from multiple clients.

Let us take a look at some of the sites which you can cash on: : As mentioned they are the leaders in this area. They pay you a royalty on every photo of yours downloaded by their client/clients. As some photos can be downloaded by multiple clients, it means that you could earn multiple royalties for one photo depending on its quality. They pay 20% as royalty for normal pictures and for pictures they consider as exclusive (based on the quality and uniqueness) they pay 40%. istock now has provisions for uploading not just photos but you can upload audios and videos as well. Just browse through the audio and video area of the site and it will give you an idea about what is hot and thus create your own files taking a cue from that.
If you want to read more then click on the "sell stock" option which you can see towards the bottom part of their website and it will give you an idea about how you can join and upload your stocks such as photos, videos and audios. : Shutterstock will pay you 25 cents every time one of your images is downloaded. Once you reach $500 in earnings, your commission goes up to 30 cents per download. To read more about submitting your files you can go to: : This site offers money to photographers, web designers, print designers etc. For photographers they offer 50 cents to $3.00 per image download - or much more on Special License downloads. Also you can make up to $60 per download with Special Licensing sales.
If you are a photographer for more details visit: : As of now there is around 65,859 photographers registered on this site. But you have to look at the fact that there are 1,340,343 users, which means there is still an opportunity there. Here you sell your stock images and get 50-80% from each sale you make. : They claim that there commission rate is the best and they offer 50% for each download you generate. They pay you by check or through other online payment options such as paypal, moneybookers and Ikobo.

Other similar sites : The best way to do a research is by using Google and you can check out the other related websites and do a research. For that all you have to do is type or copy and paste the following into the Google search box:

It does not matter which place you are at as there is always a need for different kind of pictures such as sceneries, humans, animals, landmarks etc. So wherever you are just take out your camera and click some unique pictures and upload the photos. After all there is nothing to lose. Just give it a try.


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