Sunday, May 22, 2011

A look at the kind of car accessories which will attract the women

The accessories you choose depend on the kind of lady you’re looking to attract. If a girl likes to be chauffeured in a car or taken out, she’ll want to look good when she arrives.

The car needs to have a nice set of wheels that’s not too gaudy, chrome-y or flashy. Look for something that is clean and elegant -- something that screams quality. ( is a good place to start.)

Leather seats are also nice for this lady. They just make her feel like you’re more sophisticated.

It’s also nice to have good sound system, but nothing outrageous. No bazooka tubes or exposed particle-board speaker boxes that your cousin made. Alpine  is a very well-known brand, but it’s also very high-schoolish. You’ll want something slightly off the mainstream that sounds cleaner. A head unit from Memphis Car Audio  or Pioneer Electronics could work because they’re not too big or cheesy, and they crank out clean, crisp tunes.

Having a good GPS system in your car is also a good idea. When women see a guy with a GPS, like a new Garmin, it makes them think he’s well-prepared, responsible and not too macho to take instruction.

A powerful-sounding exhaust is also a nice touch. A lot of girls will be impressed if your car sounds tough. Plus, that’s how you one-up your pals: by having your car sound cooler than theirs. You can’t go wrong with mufflers from MagnaFlow  or AEM , companies that do exhausts and intakes. They’re not expensive, and they really add to the sound and look of your car.

For old-school style, I think a nice hula girl would be a big hit because it shows you have a sense of humor. If you take yourself too seriously -- and wear driving gloves and aviators like you’re Burt Reynolds -- that’s a big turnoff for women. It’s like you’re telling her your car and driving are more important than she is. Even if that’s true for you, remember to keep it on the down-low.

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