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Two free tools to organize your audio files.

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Three free utilties to keep you safe on the net.

Scan your computer online for viruses with this F-secure free scan.

As you know F-Secure is a highly reputed internet security provider based in Finland. It is always good to scan your pc with more than one anti-virus since one might detect a virus the other can't. But as you know having two anti-virus suite installed on your Pc might lead to a clash. So instead you can always have one installed on your Pc and utilise the online scan provided by another. So take advantage of this free scan folks.

But before you go to the site keep in mind it supports the following Operating systems:-

* Windows 2000
* Windows XP

And supports the following web browsers:

* Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.
* JavaScript needs to be enabled.
* You need to have ActiveX enabled.

F-secure online scan.

Netcraft tool bar.

If you guys remember, it was a netcraft tool bar user that spotted the fake myspace page that was used for phishing and reported it. Netcraft has been around since a long time and they are the people who keeps tab of all the phishing sites and the new Opera 9.1 which is slated to be released soon will also have a anti-phishing (or anti-fraud) feature that checks the live database constantly updated by Netcraft. So when you use a tool bar utility provided by one of the masters of anti-fraud technology you can be sure that you are at least one more step closer to being fully protected.

Download the netcraft tool bar.

ZoneAlarm firewall.

I would say that this is definitely one of the best firewalls out there. Steve Gibson, one of the pioneers in the field of security constantly keeps tracks of the security issues through this site and his Gibson Research corporation has been backing Zonealarm. It is one of the firewalls that has passed his leak test with flying colors. And moreover it is very user friendly so for home users who does not know much about the technicalities this is a very easy to handle firewall.

This is one of the firewalls that keep your ports stealthed on the net. A stealthed port means anyone using a port scanner with a malicious intend will never even see that such ports exist on your machine and because of that they won't be able to see that your machine exists on the net.

ZoneAlarm is free for individual and not-for-profit charitable entity use (excluding governmental entities and educational institutions).

Download zonealarm. (13.3 MB)

Or visit the publisher's website.

Also, check out the step by step guide to configuring ZoneLlarm.

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tools and articles that will help you stay safe on the net. Since this site is new am constantly updating the contents. So check regularly for updates folks.

Highly critical vulnerabilities in Firefox and Windows OS

Mozilla Firefox and SeaMonkey Multiple Vulnerabilities.

Secunia has reported some highly critical multiple vulnerabilities in Mozilla firefox and SeaMonkey which can be exploited by malicious people to bypass certain security restrictions, conduct cross-site scripting attacks, and potentially compromise a vulnerable system.

For more details read the report.

Microsoft XMLHTTP ActiveX Control Code Execution Vulnerability

Also it seems Secunia has found yet another vulnerability with a Microsoft product and this time it is not Explorer but it is with the Operating system. It is a extremely critical vulnerability.

The vulnerability is already being actively exploited so everyone needs to stay guarded and take the necessary precaution.

See the report.

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